Eddie Rockets City Diner

Phibsboro Shopping Centre


Dublin 7


Eddie Rockets is something of an Irish institution, a popular port of call for families, teenagers and the hungover. It’s not a place I’ve spent much time I admit, I’ve always viewed it as a sort of McDonalds with plates, all style with no substance, the 50’s American diner decor a shiny chrome mask for some fairly turgid food. However when the idea of a rotating weekly burger club was mooted, Eddie’s seemed like the obvious choice for the debut, being so popular and so widespread.  It helped, of course, that I was hungover.

We went on a Sunday night and had a short wait for a table. The restaurant is decked out like a vintage American diner, flashing neon lights, red and white vinyl booths, and rock n’ roll music which is noticeably loud but just on the right side of annoying. There are jukeboxes on every table which they claim work, but ours didn’t. The menu is mostly centered around burgers but they also serve various sandwiches and wraps, hot dogs, wings, and salads. The burger menu itself was a little on the bland side, although at first glance it seemed quite varied on closer inspection it was really different variations of the same handful of toppings.


The Burgers:

The meat patties were thick and tasty, served in a white sesame seed bun. The burgers are fresh, not bought in frozen, and each burger is cooked to order, however they to tend to come out a little well-done. They’re stacked quite high which can be difficult to get your mouth around but not the worst I’ve come across. They are very messy however, there are a lot of very wet toppings involved, and they’re difficult to eat without getting sauce and cheese smeared all over your hands and face. The paper sleeve helps to begin with, but it soon goes soggy and surrenders, leaving little option but to go at the burger with a knife and fork. The ‘secret sauce’ (my guess, a mixture of Dijon mustard and mayonnaise) was a highlight.


The Sides

Standard burger-bar frozen chips, a pretty underwhelming offering, and covered in some sort of paprika shake which was ferociously salty. The onion rings were disappointing, all batter no onion, very greasy, and fell apart. These were not eaten. The garish-orange cheese sauce dip was equally unappealing.


The Shakes

Oh lord the shakes. These are indisputably the star of the show. Enormous, thick shakes in a variety of enticing flavours including Nutella, Kinder Bueno and Reese’s Peanut Butter (although the standard chocolate malt shake is hard to beat). These are almost a meal on their own. We had them as desserts. Try the shakes.



Pretty reasonable.  A burger, fries and soft drink will set you back about €13. Add another €4 if you want a milkshake (which you definitely should). The portions are generous and should be more than enough to satiate even the largest of appetites (and quell the hangiest of hangovers).



An agreeable start for the inaugural Burger Club. A solid enough meal, good burgers (if a little too messy) and amazing milkshakes but the sides let the side down.

Burgers – 7/10

Sides – 4/10

Service & Surroundings – 6/10

Overall Rating – 5.5/10


Food sampled:

Atomic burger

M50 burger

Clonalkilty Bacon & Egg Supreme burger

Smokestack burger


Onion rings

Various shakes