9-10 South Richmond Street,

Dublin 2.

(Beside the Bernard Shaw)


On Sunday, myself and Rory were left unsupervised (Ryan & Kirsty ditched us for Amsterdam) so we decided to break all the Dublin Burger Club boundaries. Now in fairness, our boundaries are few and far between, but we ditched the normal routine of finding a nice burger place where we could get milkshakes with our food and went to Eatyard; a pop-up food market!

All weekend my Facebook & Instagram have been filled with aesthetically pleasing photographs of burgers, donuts and other grease-based delight. So today I’ve decided to do a kind of “rounded” review – if you’d call it that. Basically I’m giving out about some stuff and I’m happy about some other stuff that Eatyard had to offer. I mean, a group of people wandering around drinking Jameson (true story), listening to Christmas music and eating food – what could be better?


I’ll tell you what could be better – Pitt Bros. Unpopular opinion disclaimer – I’ve always found Pitt Bros to be hit & miss. You can just never guarantee you’re gonna be satisfied. However, I thought the pop-up stand in Eatyard may be better.

I was wrong, I was so wrong. The lack of a menu should have set alarm bells ringing in my head (see amazing photography skills below).


I kid you not folks, this was their menu. Not very informative I think you’d agree. Things didn’t quite improve when I was handed my order. I come from a family of butchers, I’m a butchers daughter – I know my meat and I know how I like it (insert innuendo here), and this was not it. It was dry pulled pork. On a bun. With Cabbage. No sauce, just what can only be described as a handful of sand in a (burnt) burger bun.


I think it also disturbed me that the food was not freshly cooked to order. I’d barely walked away from the till and my name was called to collect. Beside the Pitt Bros stand, there was a “BBQ test lab”.

This was basically a fancy name for a table with some sauce bottles on it, alongside some napkins and wet wipes. Unfortunately, no matter how much barbeque sauce (which lets’ face it – fixes everything) I lashed onto that pork, nothing was improving the taste. I took one bite of the burger, asked Rory to do the same to ensure I wasn’t going crazy, and into the bin it went.

Sorry Pitt Bros, but I think it’s best we go our separate ways. You’ve let me down for the last time.

In other (not so negative) news Box Burger also had a stand. Box Burger is based in Bray and was actually our original plan for this weeks burger club meet-up (until I was lead astray by aforementioned Facebook photographs – damn my easily influenced mind!) so it was only right to sample the food.

I’m glad to say that this was a lot more promising from the get-go. They had a menu, an actual menu with descriptions and prices. There was nothing overly complicated about it. Pick your burger – you want fries too? Sure we’ll bang it into the one box for a tenner. Unless you’re Rory, who managed to get a full portion of fries instead of a half portion beside the burger (methinks the girl at the till fell for that Mohawk!). It was simple, easy and did not disappoint.


I went for the bacon cheese burger minus the salad, obviously. The burger was presented it a little box (I think the clue was in the name) and my first impression was good. It didn’t look like it was about to fall to pieces the minute I lifted it up and it certainly didn’t look a greasy mess as I was expecting.


It was visually pleasing, but how did it taste? It was good. To be honest, it was a bog standard run of the mill burger. However – it’s important to remember, this essentially came out of a chip van. And for that reason, I was super impressed. Okay, so the top of the bun was a little TOO toasted (I had to force it down) and the meat was a LITTLE tough, but I’ll say it again – IT CAME OUT OF A POP-UP STAND.

A perfect 6oz patty in a steamed brioche bun. It wasn’t greasy – as in you didn’t feel full of shame after eating it. The cheese was melted just right (yeah you heard me – there’s a melty-cheese standard!) , and the bacon on the burger was cooked to perfection.  I’m hard to please, but pleased I was.

Rory went for the Black Box, which is apparently their speciality. A beef & Clonakilty black pudding patty, American cheddar cheese, Ketchup, onions and mustard. Here’s the secret – the black pudding is INSIDE THE BEEF BURGER. This is not a drill people – I repeat, this is not a drill. Whatever genius came up with that idea needs to be given some kind of award. It’s quirky, it’s different, it’s unusual, but it WORKED.  The only thing Rory seemed slightly disappointed about is that there was no salad on his burger, which the menu very clearly stated there would be. However, the speed he ate the burger banished any doubt in my mind that it made much of a difference.


Box Burger – a solid 7/10. I would happily make the journey out to Bray to view the place in its entirety and give the guys a proper review. The pop-up stand at Eatyard was a teaser – and definitely a good one. I think I’d have to be a bit more brave next time though, and step away from the standard bacon and cheese burger. I feel there’s a definite possibility that the trip to Bray will be an upcoming adventure for Burger Club – the rest of the group won’t want to miss out on this!

Also, a quick shoutout to Cornude – not very Burger related but credit where credit is due. I’ll link these guys below, but I stopped off at their stand as we were leaving – because I love popcorn, duh. The lady who served us was super helpful, she let us sample everything we thought we might like before she put it into our little takeaway box and all in all, she made my day. It’s a rare occasion you get customer service like that, especially from someone whose been stood in the cold all day (I couldn’t guarantee I’d be that nice!). I went for the sea salted caramel (anyone who knows me, knows this isn’t a shock) and LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM!! And yes, those bags under my eyes are Chanel, thanks for asking.


The Eatyard is open from 12 pm – 8pm Thursday-Sunday until December 31st. Admission is free before 5pm and €2 after that. Bodytonic members go free and you are given the option to sign up at the admissions booth to save yourself an admission fee. Well worth a visit if you like to sample different foods – they’ve something for everyone, even vegetarians (if only our Ryan was still a veggie!). I’m talking burgers, falafels, nachos, popcorn, donuts – although surprisingly no pizza, but if you are that way inclined, there’s a pizza place right next door.

I’ll link everyone who was mentioned in todays review below – check them out, you may find something that catches your eye!

Until next time!