Pitt Bros Smoked BBQ Project

Millennium Walk

Dublin 1

Well hello there, and welcome to THE REVIEW!!!!(insert cheering and clapping here)

This past Sunday we decided to do a Valentine’s-themed Burger Club, as it was so close to that one day a year where you get to spoil the one you love most with all your heart……but it turns out I wasn’t allowed to bring my dog, so we scrapped that idea and just went for a normal Burger Club meet up. 😀🐶 He still isn’t talking to me….


There was a lot of back and forth as to where to go and who was coming this week, and it wasn’t until the actual day we made up our mind. That was helped by a photo Ryan had seen pop up on Facebook, and once shared with the group it was decided very quickly. We were off to PittBros Smoked BBQ Project!

The bait

We even had a guest, my good friend Kira who decided to come along as we were having a long-overdue hangout in town. A little note for anyone who’s into the history of Ireland and/or the Irish people, you should visit Epic Ireland. It’s a brilliant place and we had great fun.




Anyway, back to Burger Club. We decided to go to the newest Pitt Bros restaurant on Millennium Walk (beside Jervis) as it was close to us all. It’s not a huge place but it has a lovely warm feel, even though it looks like a canteen on an old mining site. They have big dome lights and strip lights that look like heaters, old-looking tables and chairs, and there’s a seated section outside for those good days we get about twice a year here in Dublin. Everywhere was very clean, which is always a plus, and the staff were all lovely and very welcoming.

The menu isn’t huge but it gives you everything a meat-eater could want; ribs, pulled pork, chicken, brisket or sausage. But we came for the burger, and even tho they only have one proper burger on the list, they absolutely make that burger their bitch!


You may want to put on a bib from this point on.


So as there was only one burger on the menu the call went out for four. They weren’t too busy, so the grub came out in good time, and upon arrival it looked very well indeed. Each bun was perfectly toasted, a decent sized patty, bright-looking salad, bacon, melted cheese and BBQ sauce just slowly making its way down the side of the burger. It was happy faces all around I tells ya. The looks had nothing on the taste tho. Everything about this burger was spot-on. The meat itself was lovely, not too dry and not too juicy, the salad was fresh and crispy, the cheese was good, the bacon was excellent, the bun was good and the BBQ sauce was insanely good.  When asked what Ryan thought of his burger he said:

It’s like watching ‘The Godfather Part 2’. Like seeing Aberdeen win the Scottish Cup. Like having sex with a beautiful woman”.

Yeah he really liked it. Kirsty said her burger  had a tad too much sauce, which turned her bun a bit cold, but couldn’t fault anything else. The buns stayed whole and everything inside stayed put.wp-image-1699140102png.png





With each bun meal you get one side; myself, Ryan and Kirsty decided to get an extra one each too because we are hungry buggers. They have a good choice of sides here which include fries, ‘slaw, corn, macaroni cheese and onion rings. I went for fries and corn, Kirsty for corn and macaroni cheese, and Ryan went for fries and ‘slaw. All of these were lovely! All tasted great and looked well too. The fries were especially tasty. The sides however is where we met our only problem of the night tho – my corn was cold, like just out of the fridge cold, which didn’t bother me all that much as it still tasted great, but it was a little confusing why only mine was cold. There is a butter-type sauce on them which was lovely too. Ryan’s slaw order got mixed up with a corn order, and when it was pointed out it was rectified seriously quickly, and he was allowed to keep the corn too with no charge  – which scores big on the customer service side of things. We nearly had a domestic on our hands though when Kirsty allowed a waiter to take away an uneaten bit of corn that Ryan had planned to eat. Luckily he was too full and too happy to argue, and just went back to talking about the burger 😂


Over the past few Burger Clubs we have also included a nice treat for after our meal – this week we had not planned to do so as funds were getting as tight as the waistbands. That was until the waiter uttered the words “when you’re ready, you can go get your ice-cream“. Now….this took us all back as it wasn’t an offer of a dessert menu but more of an offering of ice-cream for free. We were all a little puzzled and before anyone could ask he was gone. So we confusingly debated it until he passed again, and confirmed THE ICE CREAM WAS FREE!!!! We had all seemed to miss this part of the menu. Not only was it free but it was on a cone and you got to use the machine to create it yourself. If any of the staff from Sunday the 12th of February are reading this…..yes we are the 4 adults that got overly excited about the ice-cream 😂🍧. This topped off an already fantastic experience. It was a very tasty ice-cream too. (Our ice-cream pulling skills aren’t so great tho. We will not be purchasing an ice-cream van any time soon).



SIDES: 9/10

DESSERT: 10/10


OVERALL: 9.5/10


When we started this I never thought we would get a burger outing that ranked that high. Another quote from Ryan at the end of the night:

“I’d punch every single one of you in the face for another meal like that.”

He loves us really tho…..I think…. 😕