41 Watergate Street


Co. Meath

Hello, hi, good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night, welcome one and all…. to THE BURGER REVIEW!

This outing marked the first time in a few months where all four Dublin Burger Club members were able to attend, and since we mostly review places in and around Dublin city centre, I felt we needed to take a break from there and give somewhere a little further away a chance to see if their burgers can top our list. I recalled talking to a work friend about Dublin Burger Club and he mentioned a burger joint that was opening in his hometown. This was none other than Yeah Burgr in Navan, Co. Meath (yes yes I know it’s not in Dublin but we will be doing some field trips outside Dublin the odd time). This place hasn’t been open that long, only about a month so it’s still very new, but I wanted to give them a try. Since the other three members are very much city people I thought suggesting a place as far out into the countryside would be shot down straight away. I was very much wrong. Everyone agreed and a plan of action was formed very quickly…. which is really good going for us. Normally it takes us a day or two to decide.


The restaurant itself is an okay size and has the added use of the bar that is attached (owned by the same people I believe) so there are a good amount of places to sit and eat. They also have a collection service if sitting in isn’t your thing. You order at the counter and they then bring everything to your table. I like this as you don’t have a server hovering or constantly coming back to check everything is okay. They have some quirky pipe work on the wall on your right as you head for the counter that I really liked. The menu isn’t massive but it has everything you want. Some basic burgers and a range of free toppings to choose from. There are also three types of wings, and a variety of fries, shakes and ice cream desserts.



Now as some of you already know, I like to get the big burgers, and that saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” does not apply to me. This time was no different. I got the Bacon Cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms, grilled onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, mayo and Yeah Burgr sauce. Or to quote my lovely server lady…” so pretty much everything yeah?” …… the diet starts Monday 😉

I quite enjoyed my burger. It had lots of flavours but none of them were overpowering. Amanda nearly lost her shit when she saw you get two skinny pattys in your burger (the words “McDonald’s-like” were said in the moment of shock). Whilst these could probably do with being a little thicker they weren’t lacking flavour, they had a lovely taste and were tender and juicy. All burgers come in a brioche bun which we here at Dublin Burger Club are massive fans of.

wp-image-1765148954 (2)
They are not the most camera-friendly burgers in the world but let’s face it, nobody buys a burger just to look at it.

Kirsty got a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, Ryan had a cheeseburger with pickles and grilled onions, while Amanda opted for a bacon cheeseburger with jalapenos. All three of them also added Yeah Burgr sauce, which led to a bit of a debate as to what it is. Two of us think it’s very like thousand island dressing, one of us didn’t agree at all (but that person had a lot in their burger…. 🙄 …. so that could have changed the taste a tad) and the other just ate it and was happy they had a burger. If you’ve had it let us know what you think it is.


Yeah Burgr have a good selection of sides including normal fries, sweet potato fries, Italian style parmesan fries, garlic fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks – nothing too fancy or overly-complicated. I went for the sweet potato fries and onion rings. These I must say were fantastic. The sweet potato fries are probably the best I’ve had, I couldn’t fault them at all. The onion rings were nice and light too, with a bit of a crunch which I love. Kirsty ordered Italian style parmesan fries. This is where the bad points start I’m afraid. These shouldn’t be a thing. We all agreed on this. They really weren’t nice. The flavours just didn’t go together and very few of them were consumed.

Ryan had sweet potato fries too and agreed on the quality of them. He and Kirsty also split a portion of wings. Whilst these didn’t top our wings leaderboard they were nice, if a tad greasy – there was a pool of oil in the bottom of the container. They weren’t the biggest either.

Amanda tried the mozzarella sticks, which I’m told were great when they first arrived, tasty and hot, and the mozzarella inside was nice and gooey, however this all changed when they cooled down a bit. They turned rubbery and the flavor changed too. Eat these while they’re still hot you are on to a good thing.


To wash the food down myself and Amanda got regular soft drinks, while Ryan and Kirsty opted for chocolate milkshakes. The shakes were very sweet, but they definitely could have been more chocolatey. I later decided I wanted a shake too. When ordering I made a boo-boo and read the sundae flavours, but the girls behind the counter very kindly gave me the caramel sundae flavour in my shake, which was gorgeous. Caramel for the win!


The staff we dealt with were very nice. From ordering to being served our food, they were polite, friendly, and had a bit of chat. They weren’t hovering over us all the time but there was always someone on the floor if you needed them.

Price-wise it was a tad expensive. The burger price is okay but the sides are marked a little too high,  especially as some of them were quite disappointing.

Burgers – 8

Sides – 6

Service & Surroundings – 8

Value – 7

Overall Score – 7/10