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As a teenager in the 90’s, Saturday night meant a TV bonanza; Gladiators, Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90210 all in the same night. In my 20’s, the only acceptable way to pass a Saturday night was drinking cheap alcohol with my mates and clumsily attempting to talk to women whilst wearing enough Joop to render most people unconscious. Now I’m on the wrong side of 30 (barely on the right side of 40 if I’m being honest), and married, Saturday night is usually Netflix and a takeaway. We’re pretty spoiled for choice in our part of the city, we have all the standards within spitting distance – Thai, Chinese, Indian, Pizza (try Pizza Dog if you get the chance – the Drumcondra branch, for my money, is the best pizza in the city) – plus an array of others; Greek, Mexican, Japanese, Nepalese, Middle Eastern and Libyan all show up from time-to-time on Just-Eat. Burgers rarely appear as a takeaway option though, unless you really want a frozen Dorset Street kebab-shop burger in a sweaty polystyrene box with some wilted salad and a slice of plasticky cheese, and honestly, who wants that? Enter then Brooklyn Burger, a delivery-only specialist burger joint based in Drumcondra. Their menu is pretty limited; six burgers, (really only three since a plain burger, a cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger and a double stack cheeseburger are pretty much the same thing), plus one chicken and one veggie option. We have said many times before that a small menu done well wins over a bloated menu done poorly, however a little more variety in the toppings wouldn’t go amiss here.

Brooklyn Burger Drumcondra Menu Dublin

Amanda was notable by her absence on this particular Saturday evening, so it was only the three of us ordering in. We all elected for the meal deal offer, which is great value; €13 for any burger, any side and a can. I went with a Hell’s Kitchen burger, Kirsty a straightforward no-nonsense cheeseburger, and Rory, sticking with tradition, opted for the biggest thing on the menu, the double-stack burger at a slightly more expensive €15. It arrived pretty quickly, and the burgers were a big hit. Made of fresh Irish beef, each burger is 8oz of delicious, juicy goodness, thick and tender, cooked and seasoned perfectly. There is a huge amount of eating on these and they will satiate even the largest of appetites. My burger was generously topped with crunchy jalapeños which gave it a serious kick; just the thing for a spicy food lover like me. The brioche bun was perfect as well, thick and chewy and held up nicely to the moistness of the burger and toppings. Rory and Kirsty also really enjoyed their burgers, Rory described his as “delicious” and could only fault it on how drippy it was, something Kirsty also reported. Both were left with a puddle of meat-juice and had to fall back on a knife and fork pretty early on.



We didn’t delve too deep in to the sides on offer; between us we had plain fries, chilli cheese fries and bacon cheese fries (the only other options being wedges or onion rings). Chips never really stand up to being kept warm and this was the case here. They were OK, but a little cold and hard. My bacon cheese fries didn’t really have much cheese on them, and Kirsty’s chili cheese fries seemed to be missing the cheese entirely, but these are minor gripes. This was a very tasty and satisfying meal at a very reasonable price, and definitely added to my Saturday night takeaway rotation. Pro-tip; download their app from their website and order directly for 20% off your first order.

Burgers: 8/10

Sides – 6/10

Value – 8/10

Overall – 7.5 / 10