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It’s been a quiet winter for the Burger Club, but now that our personal/work lives have calmed down a bit and we have a chance to get out and about again we have dived head-first back into the reviews and those sweet, sweet burgers. Luckily for us, this week’s outing was decided for us in advance when we received a message from John of Toppings who wanted us to come out and see his set up and check out his burger skills. Toppings is no normal burger joint; it’s a mobile catering business specialising in gourmet burgers, and caters for all types of events such as birthdays, confirmations, anniversaries, or as it was when we visited, a sports day for a local rugby club. As you may have worked out by the name, Toppings’ gimmick is letting you build your own burger with whatever toppings you want, and the variety does not disappoint. Not only does the burger start with a lovely brioche bun (our personal favourite) but the meat is very good too, nice and juicy, well-seasoned and a decent size to boot.

John arrives at your venue, sets up his large tent and his grill and gets to work cooking up a storm. When we arrived he was in full swing and was juggling burgers, chicken and hotdogs as well as chips being cooked in the background and all the toppings ready-chopped, sliced and diced.

Toppings Burgers Dublin (3)

Picking just a few from the large selection of toppings was difficult, but in the end I went for a beef burger with mayo, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, crispy onions and cheese. This I must say went together so well. Every bite was full of flavour and absolutely delicious. As anyone who regularly reads our reviews knows, I am a bottomless pit when it comes to eating, I’ve tackled some of Dublin’s biggest burgers, and I left here feeling quite full after one burger and chips. There is definitely a lot of eating in these burgers.

Ryan piled on the toppings, adding cheese, pickles, coleslaw, onions and Chipotle mayo, and he raved about it. He thought the meat was excellent quality and loved that you could totally customise your own burger. He was particularly pleased to see coleslaw as a topping option, which goes brilliantly on a burger but you rarely get offered it. Kirsty and Amanda kept it simple with their burgers, adding only cheese, taco sauce onion, and tomato. Both of them really enjoyed their burgers, and both commented on how well the bun held up to the moisture of the burger. It was nice to be able to eat the whole burger with fingers and not have to resort to a knife and fork as we have at many other places. Burger restaurants take note; more brioche please.

One thing we all agreed on was the chips, and in particularly the paprika salt shake which was fantastic and added so much flavour to the thick, crunchy chips. John was an excellent host and we all thoroughly enjoyed our food; now all we need is an event we can book him for. Anyone we know getting married soon?

Toppings Burgers Dublin (2)

A selection of the toppings:

Coleslaw; Jalapenos; Red onion; Bacon; Cheese; Crispy onion; Tomatoes; Lettuce; Pickles; Pineapple (Ryan was very interested in trying this); a selection of sauces.

Overall score: 7/10